Mark Kemper


GIS Project Manager (retired)


As a Project Manager at  Sidwell, Mark supported all phases of Sidwell’s efforts to implement GIS projects and provide ongoing client support after project completion including:

  • Parcel numbering system design and implementation
  • GIS project planning
  • Database design and implementation
  • Client training on GIS software operations
  • Analysis and design of GIS, cadastral and land records workflows
  • Training in the use of cadastral GIS
  • Aerial photography and orthophotography
  • Analysis and use of GIS for farmland assessment

As in intructor to the IPAI, Mark teaches GIS courses brings his years of experience in GIS and local government to the classroom.



Illinois County Assessment Officers Association
Urban & Regional Information Systems Association
Association of Indiana Counties
Indiana County Assessors Association
Indiana County Auditors Association
Missouri Mappers Association

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