Mark Kemper

GIS Project Manager (retired)
The Sidwell Company


As a Project Manager at The Sidwell Company, Mark supports all phases of Sidwell’s efforts to implement GIS projects and provide ongoing client support after project completion including:

  • Parcel numbering system design and implementation
  • GIS project planning
  • Database design and implementation
  • Client training on GIS software operations
  • Analysis and design of GIS, cadastral and land records workflows
  • Training in the use of cadastral GIS
  • Aerial photography and orthophotography
  • Analysis and use of GIS for farmland assessment

As in intructor to the IPAI, Mark teaches GIS courses brings his years of experience to the classroom.


Urban & Regional Information Systems Association
Association of Indiana Counties
Indiana County Assessors Association
Indiana County Auditors Association
Illinois County Assessors Associations
Missouri Mappers Association

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