Course Descriptions

The IPAI offers a wide variety of exam and seminar courses throughout the year. To see our full list of course offerings, browse below or click on the file (pdf.) below for previous course descriptions. The IPAI has several new courses on the calendar, as well as updated qualifying courses. Any new courses are highlighted on the course descriptions file. Please note that this is a comprehensive list of IPAI courses, but many may not be on our current course schedule.

For more information about our courses, contact the IPAI staff.

Previous Course Descriptions


Course Descriptions

Over the years, several course titles have been changed. When determining whether you have taken a course or not, please refer to the course numbers, not the course titles. Course numbers have not changed. Students may not take both the seminar and exam sections of the same course. Credit will only be issued for one or the other. It is also important to read the “Special Notes” associated with each course to determine if there are restrictions associated with the course.

Qualifying Core Courses

Introduction to Assessment in Illinois (Exam)

This is an introductory course and will introduce students to the Illinois property tax system. Topics of discussion include: definition of …
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Property Valuation (Exam)

This is an introductory course that covers all three approaches to value. Additional topics include: discovery and listing property, value and …
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The Basics of Mass Appraisal (Exam)

This is an introductory course and will focus on mass appraisal techniques. Topics of discussion will include: single property appraisal vs. …
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Ethics for New Assessment Professionals (Exam)

Ethics for New Assessment Professionals encourages property assessment professionals to consider ethical decision making in their role as public servants. …
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Continuing Education Courses

Case Studies in the Appeal Process (Seminar)

This course examines the legal basis for assessment administration in Illinois. Pivotal court decisions that have resolved issues in the …
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Office Management (Seminar/Exam)

#002-143 | #002-144
Public attention is focused on financial operations of the office such as budgeting for public funds, output accuracy, performance skill, …
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Valuation of Big Box Stores (Seminar)

The purpose of this workshop is to provide guidance and suggestions on the valuation process of big box properties. Information …
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RETDs from Township to State (Seminar/Exam)

#002-206 | #002-207
This course will provide both the novice assessor and the seasoned professional with a review of the basic procedures that …
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Appraising After a Disaster or in Traumatic Events (Seminar)

Stuff happens! Assessment officials are constantly faced with appraising property after a disaster – whether natural or man-made. Disasters discussed …
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Valuation of Senior Housing (Seminar)

The Senior Housing Valuation Workshop provides an overview of and valuation guidelines for the four main types of senior housing …
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In this course, students will learn how to use Microsoft Excel to perform sales ratio studies. An overview of sales …
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#002-214 | #002-213
This course is for assessment officials who are inquisitive about tax policy and how it relates to property assessment. The …
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Communication for Assessment Professionals (Seminar/Exam)

Communication for Assessment Professionals is designed to increase students’ knowledge about the important role that communication plays in their professional …
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Residential Complaints at the Local Level (Seminar)

It is essential that assessors are competent and empowered to communicate with homeowners regarding values, to prepare professional and compelling …
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Neighborhood Analysis (Seminar/Exam)

#002-272 | #002-273
The purpose of this course is to provide a comprehensive look at the importance of neighborhoods in mass appraisal. This …
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Homestead Exemptions in Illinois (Seminar/Exam)

#002-300 | #002-301
The purpose of this course on homestead exemptions is to provide a comprehensive look at Illinois Homestead Exemptions from the …
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Preferential Assessments (Seminar/Exam)

#002-311 | #002-312
The purpose of this course is to provide a comprehensive look at Illinois preferential assessments from the initial constitutional authority …
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Residential Drawings, Fieldwork, and Photographs (Exam/Seminar)

#002-350 | #002-351
Knowledge of and skill in standard practices in documenting residential property using drawings and photographs are important elements of the …
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Residential Quality, Condition & Effective Age (Seminar)

This workshop will review the characteristics that determine construction quality for residential properties by use of the Marshall & Swift …
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Real Estate Law (Seminar/Exam)

#002-505 | #002-994
This course is designed to familiarize assessing officials with the points of law regarding real property and real estate. An …
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Legal Descriptions (Exam/Seminar)

#002-613 | #002-775
This course provides an in-depth, hands-on examination of legal descriptions and its uses within the identification and assessment of taxable …
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Valuation of Residential Land (Exam/Seminar)

#002-657 | #002-849
This course is intended to provide students with a comprehensive examination of the valuation of land. The foundation of any …
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Beyond Mapping: GIS in Local Government (Seminar/Exam)

#002-776 | #002-822
The class is broad in scope, attempting to give the students a sense for many of the issues surrounding GIS. …
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Introduction to Excel (Seminar)

This course is designed as a basic course in the use of Microsoft Excel and general applications in Assessment Administration. …
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The Income Approach: A Detailed Examination (Exam/Seminar)

#002-818 | #002-858
This course is intended to provide students with a thorough review of the income approach so that they become very …
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IAAO Workshop 650 - Cadastral Mapping (Exam)

This workshop introduces assessment mapping and related information. It covers the functions and types of assessment maps, mapping techniques, methods …
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Partial Interests and Taxable Leaseholds

Real estate transactions are routinely affected by conditions where some, but not all, of the property rights are transferred, such …
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Exploring Assessment Ethics (Seminar Only)

Exploring Assessment Ethics is the version of our ethics course available for CE credit. Those looking for qualifying credit need register …
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