Spring Conference

Sunday Plenary Session
New for 2020

Opening Sunday Plenary Session:
Valuing Property Before, During, and After Redevelopment

3:00 – 6:00 pm (including Q&A)
Marriott Hotel (Redbird D)


In many jurisdictions across Illinois, new development or redevelopment of existing structures is taking place. While these projects often bring jobs and renewed energy into a community, they also mean a change in value. Nowhere has this been truer than in Uptown Normal.

Thanks to public/private partnerships, rebuilt infrastructure, and private investment, tens of millions of dollars have been poured into the Uptown area over the past 10-plus years. This investment has transformed the landscape and created some interesting and challenging assessments.

Staff from the Town of Normal will give attendees an overview of Uptown redevelopment including tools, plans, and economic incentives that were used to spur and aid in this award-winning transformation. This will be followed with a presentation from Normal Township Assessor Rob Cranston and staff who will share their process in valuing Uptown throughout its redevelopment. A 30-minute Q&A with all presenters will follow the presentations.


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