Course Descriptions

Communication for Assessment Professionals
002-222 Exam | 002-221 Seminar

Communication for Assessment Professionals is designed to increase students’ knowledge about the important role that communication plays in their professional lives. Students in this course will learn about the communication process, audience analysis, listening, group communication, ethical communication, effective customer service, leadership, and conflict management. This course specifically draws from the assessment field to provide real-life examples and activities that will assist professionals at improving their communication skills within their office and when dealing with taxpayers. Students will gain an in-depth understanding of who they are as communicators.

Hours: 15 CE Hours
Category: Administration

Special Notes:

  • This course was previously offered as two 1-day seminars (#002-147 & #002-782). This course is now only available as a 2-day exam course. Students cannot receive credit for both this course and either of the two 1-day seminars listed above.
  • Students taking this as a course to qualify for their CIAO must take the exam section.
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