Theroux Award

Theroux Award

The Marshall Theroux Memorial Award

The Marshall Theroux Memorial Award was established after the passing of Wheeling Township Assessor Marshall Theroux in 1980. Marshall was a leader in the development of assessment standards, practices, and education. He was also a longtime member of the IPAI Board of Directors, serving as its Vice Chairman for several years.

This award annually recognizes a member of the Illinois assessment community who demonstrates high ethical standards, professional achievement, and dedication to the service of others. The recipient of this award receives a scholarship from the CIAO Association, a recognition plaque from the Illinois Property Assessment Institute, and a heartfelt thank you for their commitment to excellence. The Marshall Theroux Memorial Award is the highest honor bestowed upon an Illinois assessment professional.

Candidates for the award are nominated by their peers and recipients are selected by the IPAI Board of Directors. Current IPAI Board members and former recipients are not eligible to receive this award.


2022 Theroux Award Nominations

Nominations will open in November of 2021.



Previous Marshall Theroux Award Recipients

1981 - Patricia Musson, Wayne Township Assessor
1982 - Eleanore Petersen, South Rock Island Township Assessor
1983 - Bonnie Barton, CCAO, Saline County
1984 - H. Von Dee Cruse, Granite City Township Assessor
1985 - Frank Marack, CCAO, DuPage County
1986 - Martha Finney, City of Champaign Township Assessor, and John R. Parish, Carbondale Township Assessor
1987 - J. Patrick Morris, Waukegan Township Assessor
1988 - James W. Jacobs, CCAO, Champaign County
1989 - Steven W. Stanger, West Deerfield Township Assessor
1990 - Robert A. Harris, CCAO, Madison County
1991 - Betty J. Niemi, Grant Township Assessor
1992 - Roy W. Pulver, CCAO, Clinton County
1993 - Margie Marquardt, Office Manager, IPAI
1994 - E. Anne Hutson, Deputy SOA, Madison County
1995 - Darrell Lovell, City of Galesburg Township Assessor
1996 - Ken Larson, CCAO, Lake County
1997 - Cindy Humm, CCAO, Hardin County
1998 - Shirley Green, Cook County Assessor’s Office Liaison
1999 - James D. Bingle, DuPage Township Assessor
2000 - Theresia M. Yakes, Shields Township Assessor
2001 - Joyce Skinner, CCAO, Knox County
2002 - James Harrison, CCAO, Ogle County
2003 - David Thompson, CCAO, Kendall County
2004 - Connie Carosielli, Elk Grove Village Township Assessor
2005 - Sheridan Meadows, Mt. Vernon Township Assessor
2006 - Wendy Ryerson, CCAO, Lee County
2007 - Jeff Simpson, CCAO, Effingham County
2008 - Carol Perschke, McHenry Township Assessor
2009 - Brian Christie, City of Champaign Township Assessor
2010 - Brad Horton, Peoria County Recorder & former Peoria Township Assessor
2011 - Rhonda R. Novak, CCAO, Will County
2012 - Susan J. Carpentier, South Rock Island Township Assessor
2013 - Lindi Kernan, CCAO, Henry County
2014 - Karen Reese, Newell Township Assessor
2015 - Duane C. Kiesewetter, CCAO, Livingston County
2016 - Patricia Elder, CCAO, Boone County
2017 - Mark Becker, CCAO, Hamilton County
2018 - Mark Armstrong, CCAO, Kane County
2019 - Georgene Zimmerman, CCAO, Adams County
2020 - Davis Offutt, Aurora Township Assessor
2021 - Jerry Rudman, York Township Commercial Deputy Assessor


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