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2019 Marshall Theroux Memorial Award

April 26, 2019

Georgene Zimmerman, Supervisor of Assessments for Adams County, Illinois, was recently awarded the 2019 Marshall Theroux Memorial Award in recognition of her long career in property assessment and contributions to the industry. Zimmerman received the Theroux Award at the Illinois Property Assessment Institute’s 61st Annual Spring Conference held at the Marriott Hotel in Normal, Illinois during the first week of April. The Theroux Award is the highest honor bestowed upon an individual in the Illinois property assessment industry.

Nominees for the annual Marshall Theroux Memorial Award are submitted from around Illinois. The winner is determined by the Board of Directors of the Illinois Property Assessment Institute. Zimmerman was nominated for the award by a dozen colleagues from around Western and Central Illinois.

“For decades, Georgene has been the quiet "go‐to" person and "outreach" person for other property assessors in Illinois. She is considered one of the most knowledgeable practicing assessment officials and commands a meticulous grasp of the statutes pertaining to the Illinois Property Tax Code,” said Pike County (IL) Supervisor of Assessments Cindy Shaw. Chris Gray, Supervisor of Assessments for Knox County (IL) agreed noting, “Georgene’s knowledge of the assessment field is beyond belief. She is always willing to reach out and lend a helping hand. She is always there to help answer questions and a word of encouragement.”

“Several property assessors from around the state where nominated for the Theroux Award,” said Josh Barnett, Executive Director of the Illinois Property Assessment Institute. “Georgene’s nominations came from a large geographic area that represented a lot of diversity within the property assessment industry. It was clear to us that Georgene is highly respected and well thought of by her colleagues. It was a pleasure to give the Theroux Award to such an inspiring and deserving person.”

Zimmermann has worked for the Adams County Supervisor of Assessments office for 46 years and been the leader of that office for 29 years. She resides in Quincy with her husband where she is active in the community and with her grandchildren.

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