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Intro to Income-Producing Properties Added to Naperville

May 29, 2019

Introduction to Income Producing Properties has been added to the Northeast Conference in Naperville. The course will take place during the second half of the conference week on August 7 & 8 (exam the morning of August 9). Both exam and seminar sections available. Introduction to Incoming Producing Properties provides 15 continuing education (CE) hours.


What to expect:

This course introduces students to basic income producing property appraisal terms and procedures. This course builds upon basic appraisal theory and shows how the three approaches to value are applied in real life situations. The course starts with an overview of the market forces that influence buyers and sellers in income property. With this basic understanding in place, the course concentrates on the application of all three approaches to value for income property. Case studies demonstrating practical use of the appraisal methods in an assessment office are used extensively. This course is an introductory course and is appropriate for assessment officials with little or no exposure to commercial assessments.



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