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New & Renewed 2020 Courses

December 11, 2019

Updated Courses

Assessment of Oil & Coal
This course is undergoing a complete update to better serve our assessors with oil and coal in their jurisdictions.


Homestead Exemptions
We are making some minor updates and changes to this course so that it stays relevant and gives the best information possible.



New Courses for 2020

Exploring Assessment Ethics
We have taken our qualifying series ethics course and retooled it for current CIAOs. Exploring Assessment Ethics encourages property assessment professionals to consider ethical decision making in their role as public servants. Students will analyze the ethical standards and codes of conduct for CIAOs and assessment-related fields, along with their legal implications. Learn More


Partial Interests and Taxable Leaseholds
Real estate transactions are routinely affected by conditions where some, but not all, of the property rights are transferred, such as sales of leased fee estates, sales of partial interests, and bifurcated property rights. Additionally, when certain exempt properties are leased to a private party, that act can generate a leasehold assessment. Learn More


Uncovering the Mystery of the Property Tax Appeal Board
The Property Tax Appeal Board can have a major impact in the property assessment process, but what does that really entail? In this course, students will explore multiple facets of the PTAB. Learn More

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