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Normal Qualifying Series Update

March 18, 2020

While the IPAI does not yet have new dates for the Normal Qualifying Series, we want to be respectful of timelines for assessor election and appointment.

As stated above, we do not yet have exact dates, but it is highly likely the Normal Qualifying Series will take place in the late summer or early fall. The IPAI wishes to assure all current and potential CIAO Candidates (those pursuing their CIAO) that the Normal Qualifying Series of four “core” courses to obtain a CIAO designation will be scheduled in plenty of time for someone to:

  1. Receive their designation
  2. Obtain a certificate of qualification from IDOR
  3. File their nominating papers this November

We should also note that at present, some seats remain open in our Chicago Qualifying Series beginning May 27. There are also seats open in some qualifying series core courses and elective courses at various conferences scheduled for later this year. For exact availability, check the IPAI Student Portal.

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