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Chief County Assessment Officer
Knox County

The Chief County Assessor is a mandated function responsible for the accuracy and completion of tax records and assessment figures for the fiscal year on all real estate within the boundaries of Knox County. The Chief County Assessor gathers information for rate setting, including classification hearing and final recapitulation sheet.

Start Date: March 2, 2020

Salary Range: $54,891 -$87,815 DOE and Education Level

Essential Functions:

  • Acts as project manager and staff liaison to consultants and others engaged in revaluations and other special assessment projects while conferring with Board Members in unusual situations.
  • Consults and creates uniformity among the Township Assessors of Knox County.
  • Assists individuals seeking information requiring interpretation of departmental policies and regulations involving legal matters related to taxation, abatements, exemptions, lots and land locations, deeds and assessments.
  • Takes complaints and requests, and resolves or relays them for attention, while handling all mail for the Board of Review and, where possible, prepares routine replies.
  • On a monthly basis, prepares various report and indexes file material pertinent to the assessment functions to present to committee designated for County Assessor’s Office.
  • Maintains budget for Assessment and GIS Departments. Prepare monthly vouchers for bill payment.
  • Provides information for private appraisers, title companies, surveyors, realtors, and financial institutions regarding all aspects of the assessment process; perform research and prepare certified documents for other entities.
  • Maintains County GIS mapping information relative to the Assessor's Office and for County website for exposure to public. Examines deeds, plans and permits to locate all taxable property. Brings to the Board's attention sales of special interest.
  • Monitor those functions to assure compliance with state statutes and Illinois Department of Revenue procedures
  • Process exemptions, preferential assessments, and exemption applications and apply them to eligible properties
  • Maintain a county cadastral mapping parcel numbering system, including aerial photography, boundary maps , and other property and owner information to be used for the property tax function as well as other governmental office uses and for the public
  • Analyze sales data reports and conduct comparative assessment studies annually
  • Apply the resultant appropriate equalization factors annually on a township by township basis
  • Provide taxpayer notification through mailed notices, newspaper publications, and website listings
  • Prepare assessment abstracts and reports for submission to the Illinois Department of Revenue
  • Monitor and provide access to an unbiased appeal procedure through the office's statutory function of serving as clerk to the Knox County Board of Review
  • Assist the Knox County Board of Review as clerk in their defense of assessment appeal before the Illinois Property Tax Appeal Board and prepare evidence for submission.
  • Certify the completed assessment roll to the Knox County Clerk in a timely fashion to facilitate tax calculations and billing in compliance with state statutes.

Minimum Requirements:
Must have a demonstrated proficiency in MS Excel, MS Word and PowerPoint. Preferred experience with DevNet systems. An individual may use one of the designations listed below to meet the educational qualifications to be appointed to, run for, the position of assessments. Must have Bachelor’s Degree with accredited college or university or pertinent accreditation. Must have minimum 5 years experience. Knowledge of Zoning codes and regulations helpful.  

Education Requirements:
An elected or appointed Chief County Assessment Officer must be qualified in accordance with Section 3-5 of the Property Tax Code (35 ILCS 200/3-5). To be eligible for filing nomination papers for participating as a candidate in an election for, being elected to, or being appointed to the office of Chief County Assessment Officer, the individuals must meet ALL three qualifications listed below:

Have two years experience in the field of property sales, assessments, finance or appraisals.
Pass the Chief County Assessment Officer examination conducted by the Department of Revenue (IDOR).

Possess one of the following:

1.  Certified Illinois Assessing Officer (CIAO) certificate from the Illinois Property Assessment Institute, (IPAI) plus any additional training required for additional compensation under 35 ILCS 200/4-10.

2. Certified Assessment Evaluator (CAE) certificate from the International Association of Assessing Officers, plus current continuing education requirements. as prescribed by the designating association.

3. Current Member of the Appraisal Institute (MAI), Residential Member (RM), Senior Real Estate Analyst (SREA), Senior Real Property Analyst (SRPA), or Senior Residential Analyst (SRA) certificate from the Appraisal Institute or its predecessor organizations, plus current continuing education requirements as prescribed by the designating association.

Note: If the CIAO designation is awarded in the same year of the appointment or the same year that the nomination papers are filed for an elected position, the person will not be required to have additional training under Section 4-10 of the Property Tax Code (35 ILCS 200/4-10).

Interested candidates please send resume with cover letter by June 30, 2020 to: AND

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