CIAO Reinstatement

CIAO Reinstatement

Beginning in 2019, individuals may request reinstatement of their Certified Illinois Assessing Officer (CIAO) designation at any time in the continuing education cycle after the designation has become inactive.

Reinstatement is only permissible for individuals who have allowed their CIAO to lapse after the most recent CE cycle (currently 2015-2018 CE cycle). CIAOs who lost their designation after a previous CE cycle will be required to complete the CIAO Qualifying Series (90 hours of exam courses).


Steps to CIAO Reinstatement:

  1. Submit the Request to Reinstate form (below).
  2. Pay a non-refundable reinstatement fee of $500.
    • Payable with check or credit card by contacting the IPAI office.
  3. Complete outstanding continuing education.
    • Do not register for courses in the Student Portal on your own, contact the IPAI Registrar.
    • The IPAI Registrar will register you for all courses pertaining to outstanding CE hours.
    • Outstanding CE  must be completed within 90 days of submission of the Request to Reinstate form
  4. Once all outstanding CE is completed, the IPAI will send you a letter of good standing notify the Illinois Department of Revenue of your reinstatement.

Request to Reinstate Form



Important Notes to Consider:

  • Courses taken for outstanding CE hours must be taken through IPAI. Courses from other providers, including IDOR, are not accepted for reinstatement.

  • Courses taken for outstanding CE hours may only be used for reinstatement and will not count toward the required CE hours in the current 2019-2022 CE cycle.

  • Individuals who completed the required CE hours during 2015 – 2018 CE cycle with another provider but failed to report the hours to the IPAI prior to December 15, 2018, are still required to pay the non-refundable reinstatement fee of $500.

  • Use of the CIAO designation with your name, title, or office are not permitted until your reinstatement letter is received.


Outstanding CE hours must be completed within 90 days of submission of your Request to Reinstate form, or within an approved reinstatement plan outlined by the IPAI. Missing the 90-day deadline will require the individual to resubmit the Request to Reinstate form and pay an additional $500 non-refundable fee.


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