Code of Conduct

CIAO Code of Conduct

Assessment professionals provide the foundation for a fair and equitable property tax system. To act responsibly, they should reflect upon the wider impacts of their work and consistently strive to achieve the highest ethical standards to maintain the public’s trust in the Illinois property tax system.

- From the CIAO Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct Preamble


CIAO designation holders are held to high ethical and professional standards. They commit to living out the values of integrity, respect, objectivity, accountability, and transparency. CIAO designees also dedicate themselves to knowledge of Illinois statutes and laws, furthering their development through education, and employing industry best practices in the execution of their duties.

The CIAO Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct requires designation holders to act in the best interests of the public. CIAOs who violate these standards are subject to disciplinary action by the Ethics Committee and Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors enforcement of the Code of Conduct, including the publication of disciplinary action to the public, underscores the high level of standards to which our CIAOs and CIAO Candidates are held. Through enforcement of our CIAO Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct, the Board of Directors provides the public with the confidence that a CIAO designation holder or candidate is both competent and ethical.


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CIAO Ethics Officer:

Josh Barnett, IPAI Executive Director
207 W Jefferson St, STE 303
Bloomington, IL 61701
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Reporting A Complaint

Prior to filing a report with the CIAO Ethics Officer, complainants are encouraged to read the Enforcement & Procedures document (see above). Complaints not meeting stadnards will not be considered.


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Code of Conduct Violations

CIAO designation holders who have been sanctioned by the Ethics Committee for violations to the Code of Conduct may be veiwed here:


 Code of Conduct Violations 

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