What We Do

What is IPAI?

The Illinois Property Assessment Institute (IPAI) is a non-profit organization established to elevate professional standards and provide educational opportunities to property assessment professionals throughout Illinois. For more than 50 years, we have been the premier credentialing and education provider for the property assessment industry within the state of Illinois.

In Illinois, individuals who desire to be elected or appointed to the position of township or county assessor are required to hold a designation (similar to a certification). The IPAI owns and confers the Certified Illinois Assessing Officer (CIAO) designation, which is the primary designation used to be an elected or appointed assessor.

The IPAI serves the entire property assessment industry within Illinois, not just elected and appointed officials. Our CIAO designation holders include:

  • Township Assessors

  • County Assessors

  • Deputy Assessors

  • Assessment Office Support Staff

  • Attorneys

  • Appraisers

  • Board of Review Members/Commissioners

  • Board of Review Staff

  • Illinois Department of Revenue Staff

  • Property Tax Appeal Board Staff

The IPAI is the only education provider focused on the distinct needs of Illinois assessment professionals. Our courses not only teach assessment best practices and industry trends but instill knowledge of the laws and statutes that govern property assessment within our state. We have developed a comprehensive curriculum that we offer annually at locations throughout Illinois. Our courses are taught by practicing assessment and business professionals who bring expertise and everyday experience into the classroom.

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