General Sessions

Legal Symposium General Sessions


  • Attorneys; 7 CLE Hours (Anticipated)
  • CIAO Designation Holders; 7.5 CE Hours 

*You must attend full sessions to gain credit. 




Presenter: Chris De Santis - speaker, consultant, and author

Sponsored By: Fitzgerald Law Group PC, Franczek PC, and Tully & Associates

Are your colleagues in distinctly different age groups? Are you sometimes baffled or frustrated by their decisions and behaviors? You are not alone. Since the workplace is made up of multiple generations, you are likely to experience generational friction first­hand. But let’s be clear: these are not problems to fix. Rather, they are differences to understand, appreciate, and – ultimately - leverage.

In our opening session, “Why I Find You Irritating: Navigating Generational Friction at Work," organizational behavior expert Chris De Santis will share his insights on navigating generational friction in all areas of your work. Chris has presented, consulted, and coached countless Fortune 500 companies, law firms, and professional associations. His presentation will help attendees to better understand and relate to their colleagues, opposing counsel, and clients.



Sponsored By: Verros Berkshire

We are making final preparations for our midday session. An announcement with the topic and confirmed speakers will be made soon! Watch our social media channels and this page.



Presenters: Kathy Enstrom, Director of Investigations, Moore Tax Law Group; Mike Raschella, On-The-Job Instructor, Chicago Field Office of IRS Criminal Investigation

Sovereign citizens and tax deniers are a group of activists, protesters, and conspiracy theorists who adhere to pseudo legal concepts whereby they only answer to particular interpretations of common law.  These individuals believe they are not subject to government statutes or proceedings, which include paying taxes in any form. After last year’s presentation on this topic, Kathy Enstrom and Michael Raschella will take a deeper dive into the topic discussing new cases, legal precedent, and how attorneys and local government officials can successfully interact with these individuals.



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