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Supervisor of Assessments
Woodford County


The Woodford County Board is seeking an individual to be appointed as the Supervisor of Assessments for Woodford County to fill a four (4) year term. To be eligible for appointment to the office of supervisor of assessments, a person must possess or be willing to obtain within 60 days of appointment one of the following qualifications as certified by the Illinois Department of Revenue:

1) A current active Certified Illinois Assessing Officer designation from the Illinois Property Assessment Institute.

2) A current active AAS, CAE, or MAS designation from the International Association of Assessing Officers.

3) A currently active MAI, SREA, SRPA, SRA, or RM designation from the Appraisal Institute.

In addition, a person must have had at least 2 years experience in the field of property sales, assessments, finance or appraisals and must have passed an examination conducted by the Department to determine his or her competence to hold the office. Person appointed to this position may also hold public employment if the duties are not incompatible with his or her duties as supervisor of assessments as assigned by the county board.

Vacancy open till filled. Please submit resumes to the Woodford County Board Office 115 N. Main Room 103, Eureka, IL 61530 or may submit through county website at Resumes may be mailed or emailed or delivered in person. Email is

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