Board of Directors

Shelly Renken

Shelly’s career in public service began in 1990 while still in high school when she began working for Livingston County as part of the LACC Coop Program. Through that program she was able to spend time working for the county clerk, circuit clerk, and the supervisor of assessments. Shelly began working full-time for Livingston County soon after.

She was appointed Chief Deputy Assessor in 2000 and Chief County Assessment Officer in 2015. From 2017 – 2022, Shelly served as the County Assessment Officers (CAOA) Area III Chair. She was appointed CAOA Assistant Treasurer and Secretary in 2018 and became CAOA Treasurer in 2020. In addition to the CAOA, Shelly is a member of the CIAO Association and the Illinois Chapter of the IAAO. Shelly has been a member of the IPAI Education Committee since 2019 and served on various task forces and committees for both IPAI and the PTAC Committee.

Shelly lives in Pontiac with husband, Darrick, and daughter, Olivia.  She has two older children, Brandon and Carly Bohm, and one stepson, James.

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