Course Descriptions

Residential Complaints at the Local Level
002-223 Seminar Only

It is essential that assessors are competent and empowered to communicate with homeowners regarding values, to prepare professional and compelling arguments before the Board of Review, and to understand and comply with the legal constraints and considerations surrounding appeals.

This course will answer the following questions for Assessors:

  • What evidence should I provide to defend my assessment (both market value and equity)?
  • What information can I use to refute an appraisal?
  • What supplemental information can I supply?
  • How can I explain the assessment process to a homeowner?
  • How can I present my appeal evidence in a clear and convincing manner?

This course will also answer the following questions for BOR members:

  • What should my Board of Review rules clarify?
  • How should I hold a hearing?
  • What standards and metrics should be used when reviewing an appeal (both market value and equity)?
  • How do I remain impartial?
  • How should mass appeals be handled differently than a single property appeal?

This course will also cover the clerical responsibilities of the county assessor regarding assessment appeals. Students should understand statistical analysis and valuation and be familiar with the appeal process before registering for this course.

Hours: 15 CE Hours
Category: Residential 

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