The State Conference Wordle is Here!

November 16, 2022

I am excited to announce that IPAI has created "State Conference" themed Wordles! IPAI wanted to introduce this fun game to get everyone excited for the 65th Annual State Conference in March of 2023! These Wordles will be posted once a week, every Monday, unless specified otherwise. You can find these Wordles on the IPAI social media platforms, Facebook and LinkedIn. 

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Wordle, it is a web-based word guessing game from the New York Times. Ever since its launch in 2018, Wordle has grown extremely popular and, in some cases, can get a little competitive. However, IPAI will not make a competition out of the "State Conference" themed Wordles. If you want, you can play with friends and make it more of a competition or you can make it a challenge for yourself! 

The point of the game is to guess the correct word in 6 tries or less. When playing, a green square indicates that the letter within that square is the correct letter and in the correct spot. A yellow square indicates that you have a correct letter within the word, but it is not in the right spot. A gray square indicates you do not have a correct letter. Reference the image below: 

Here is an image of how a singular game could look:

Luckily, I was able to guess the correct word in 4 tries! Typically, Wordles only have 5-letter words. But for the State Conference Wordles, there will be some words that exceed 5 letters. Some words may be easier than others, and if you are able to guess correctly, please comment how many guesses you took on the Wordle posts! Our first Wordle will be on November 17, at 4 PM! Good Luck! 


Melanie R. Bautista
Conference and Marketing Coordinator

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