Outstanding Achievement in Property Assessment (Small Jurisdiction)

About The Award:

The Outstanding Achievement in Property Assessment Awards annually recognize county and township assessors who excel in assessment accuracy, implement innovative practices, exude a spirit of collaboration, and exemplify high ethical and professional standards. Unlike the Theroux Award, the Outstanding Achievement Awards are only granted to the elected, appointed, or contracted CIAO of a particular jurisdiction. 



An elected or appointed Certified Illinois Assessing Officer who oversees a township/multi-township jurisdiction of fewer than 25,000 residents or a county jurisdiction of fewer than 50,000 residents.



One nomination is allowed per nominee. If multiple nominations are received for one person, the nominators will be contacted and asked to resubmit one nomination.



Candidates are judged on the following factors:

  • Assessment accuracy (measured against comparable jurisdictions)
  • Innovation (practices that improve the quality of assessments within the jurisdiction)
  • Collaboration (working with other officials, both inside and outside the specific jurisdiction)
  • Ethics (maintaining the public trust in the assessment and property tax cycles)



The nominations are reviewed by the IPAI Board of Directors and considered on the above criteria.


Nomination Form Questions:

  1. Have assessments within the jurisdiction been regularly accurate? What approach is taken to ensure accuracy?
  2. What innovative or new ideas have been implemented with the office? How has this improved the quality of assessments and/or function of the office?
  3. How is the nominee collaborative with other elected or appointed officials (both inside and outside of the jurisdiction)?
  4. What does the nominee do to maintain high ethical standards? How have they worked to elevate the public trust in the work of the office or property tax cycle?
  5. (Optional) Upload supporting documentation like peer letters of support, career timeline, etc. (we recommend putting all support docs in one PDF).


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2022 - Wendy Ryerson - Lee County Administrator & former Lee County CCAO
2023 - Lori Barringer - Moultrie County CCAO

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